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Part 2.... =D

Again, thanks for coming to ready my story. I received a lot of very positive feedback from the first one. The more I hear from you guys the more I can write. I just want to make sure there is an audience that wants to read more. Please feel free to email me with comments, ideas and suggestions. And the disclosure once more, I am not an English major so don't bitch about grammar! ;-)

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I walked out of Master’s house stunned. Did all of that really just happen to me? It seemed like a week had gone by but it was only 2 days. This chastity device feels really weird on my dick too. Next weekend? Can I wait a whole week? Do I really want to go back? What will happen next weekend? Can I handle it? Too many thoughts are racing through my head. I walked back to my car in a daze. I drove home and wanted to jack off so badly but I realized I couldn’t. How can I go a week without jerkin off? Hell, I can’t go a day without it.... will this thing stick out at work? FUCK! My hair! How will I explain this to everyone at work????? FUCK! 
So as soon as I got home I took a shower and jumped into bed and grabbed my computer. I wanted to learn more about this bondage stuff. I googled it and the first thing that came up was the wiki page. I don’t need a clinical explanation! I want some hardcore details! Then I happened upon a few sites... As I looked at the pictures my dick tried to get hard but was instantly denied. I saw all of these hot things that I had previously thought were freakish and belonged in San Fran. I then searched for bondage toys and found quite a lot of really cool stuff.
I continued to peruse the different sites and had to stop. Well, my cock made me stop. He was tired of constant defeat and honestly it didn’t feel too good when he tried to get hard. So I put the computer down and started to rub my head.... the stubble was there but not much more. How am I going to explain this at work? My mind kept racing and somehow I managed to fall asleep. 
I woke up around noon the next day and grabbed my computer to watch some porn and jerk it before starting the day, which is my typical routine. As soon as I grabbed my cock I was reminded of its imprisonment. I decided to just check my email and a few sites to try to get my mind off of my predicament. The first email I saw was from work. FUCK. Work emails are never good, it read:
Last minute meeting scheduled for Monday @ 2PM clients will be there, be ready to impress!  
FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the fuck am I going to explain this shaved head? Fuck will this chastity device stick out? FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!! I need to get dressed! FUCK! I grabbed some dress clothes and threw em on and got myself together as nice as I could and ran out the door, messenger bag in hand. 
I made it to the office in record time, with about ten minutes to spare before the meeting. The boss walks in and asks what the fuck happened to my hair? He went on for a few minutes about professionalism and shit, before this I had my weekly haircut that was always the same, professional, short but not too short. He went on and on and. My thinking about that happened made my cock stir, although not too much..... as it couldn’t.... The boss finally was done bitching and we walked to the meeting. The new client commented on my haircut. He said he could tell by the difference in the skin color it was a recent shave. He asked if I was supporting someone with cancer. I jumped on this one. It was the easiest way to explain it and maybe gain some points. He told me about his kid that went through chemo and all and how I was so nice etc. We wrapped up the meeting and gained a new client. 
After the meeting the boss asked what the fuck that was about. I was thinking of a way to explain what happened but he finally just gave up. Thank God. That was embarrassing but could have been a lot worse. So I got to working and trying to keep my mind off of what just happened and what the last few days entailed. 
A few hours into my work day I got an email on my personal account. I took a peek and it was Master:
I hope you enjoyed the weekend. I am planning your service to me for next weekend. you are in for a treat, boy. For the meantime you will send me a daily email telling me about the chastity cage and how its fucking with you. You had better not take it off either. If you come back and its not in the same condition you left in there will be severe consequences. Now tell me how it is. 
I sat there with my cock testing the limits of his encapsulation trying to think of how to reply. I didn’t want him to think I was enjoying this.... or hating this... shit. I both hate and really enjoy wearing this thing. I feel like I am owned by someone else. I feel like this cock does not belong to me. I cannot control it, outside of taking a leak. I thought for a minute and started typing:
This slave throughly enjoyed every minute of time spent with you. This slave was rather embarrassed with its shaved head and cock cage on today while at work. It’s cock has been trying repeatedly to escape it’s confines without any luck. This slave cannot wait until next weekend to have another experience with you. 
I sat there trying to keep my dick from getting hard. I decided to get some work done. There really wasn’t much to do. I was done with everything I needed to get done. The rest of the evening flew by and I headed home.
I jumped in the shower and got ready for bed. I grabbed my computer to check my email before falling asleep and saw Master had replied to my email:
I have something really special planned for you next weekend. You will feel twice as used as you did this past weekend. 
I sat there fighting a boner thinking ‘twice as used?’ is he going to fuck me for four days? Dildos twice as big? How can I take a dildo twice as big? I could barely take the ones he used on me. My ass was still feeling used and gaping. I love the feeling of a freshly fucked ass... but that only last an hour or two typically. I was feeling this good a whole day later. I closed my computer and tried to fall asleep, thinking about ‘twice as used’.
The rest of the week went by pretty much the same as always... work and home. Went to the gym a few times but went at different times. I didn’t want my friends or anyone else there that sees me regularly as they would ask me what happened to my hair and there was no way I could use the showers! I would turn fire engine red if anyone say this chastity device! 
Friday rolls around and I am getting really excited for tomorrow. I can finally get this chastity device off and bust my nut! Plus I will get fucked! My mind kept thinking about ‘twice as used’ I was scared to death but determined to please my Master by taking what ever he would give me. I finished out the day and rushed home to get ready for the next day. There was an email in my inbox on my iPhone and it was from Master:
Be here tomorrow at 11:00AM. Same routine as last time. Jock strap, jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. Nothing else. Put it in the bag, blindfold and on all fours. Any variation and I will fuck you up bad. 
I sent a simple reply acknowledging and understanding his message and excitedly got ready for bed. 
I woke up around 9:30AM and jumped out of bed and got ready for the weekend. I was so excited! It was like being a little kid going to Disney Land! But this ride was much better! Wait, I’m the ride I guess...
I got dressed in what Master demanded and headed out the door. I drove right over and parked right in front of his house this time. This is a really nice house, I kept thinking. As the clock ticked its way to a few minutes before 11AM I headed to the door. I rang the bell three times, just like last time. I opened the door and headed in. I closed the door, ripped my clothes off and got ready just like last time. Blindfold on and on all fours. I waited about 20 seconds before Master came and got me. He hooked a collar and a ball gag on me quickly and told me to get up and follow him. 
He led me by leash back to the first room. I heard the hum of the electric clippers again and he re-shaved my head again, followed by a razor shave of my head. He stopped when he was done with my head. I wondered why, as he had previously shaved my entire body. I was thankful though. I could let my body hair grow back, the little I actually grew. He told me to get up and we headed to the showering room.
This time he put the restraints on my ankles and wrist and restrained me in the shower room. He started to rub some cream all over my body. It was cool, but not too cold. It had an odd scent. I kept wondering what it was. Next thing I knew I felt a lubricated finger up my ass getting it lubed and ready. Next thing I knew that damn enema thing was up in my ass deeply flushing out anything inside of me. He repeated this flushing two more times. He then sprayed me with a shower hose kind of thing and washed the cream off. What was that cream for anyway? He then told me he had Nair’d me. I thought about it for a second... Nair? Wasn’t that what women used on their legs? Shit! I just lost all my hair again! With that Master unhooked me and dragged me off. 
Master led me back to the same “toy room” as last time. Back on the device that made me sit doggy style on it. It was pretty comfy and allowed Master access to my holes to use for his pleasure. He strapped me down really well this time. I was locked down. He removed the ball gag and asked me if I was ready to be used twice as much. I nervously said “YES SIR!” he then grabbed a finger of lube and stuck it up my asshole and started to work my ass. This got me really worked up, well as much as I could with the chastity device on. 
After about five minutes of playing with my ass I can hear him lubing and stroking his cock up. I tried to relax so it wouldn’t hurt so much. I could feel the head of his cock resting on my asshole. He slowly started to insert it in my fuck hole. He took about a minute before getting all ten inches in there. I was trying to relax and control my breathing. As soon as he had it in my fuck chute he started gaining speed. Master was reaming my hole really good. I was in heaven, it hurt to be ripped wide open but felt good to be full of Masters cock.
I was totally caught up in what was happening when I felt something touching my face! I jolted, thinking what the fuck is going on? What’s touching my face? Master is behind me! Next thing I knew a hand was opening my mouth and told me to suck his cock. I hesitated, not knowing what was going on. Before I could think anymore I felt this rubber ring being placed in my mouth, all the while being fucked senseless. This ring thing in my mouth had a hole in the middle I could feel with my tongue.
Next thing I know a cock is being rammed into my mouth. Oh! This must be the ‘twice as used’ master was talking about. But who is this in my mouth? The cock was pretty damn big, although not as big as Masters cock. It was thick, not soda can thick but still real thick. It actually felt about the same size as mine. As I was being used from both ends, it really sank in. I am being fucked like a whore. I am just being used. They care nothing about my pleasure. I am tied down, my cock is locked up and my fuck holes are both being used mercilessly. 
My holes were used for about ten minutes before Master yelled that he was going to fill my cunt with his seed. As soon as he started to fill my cunt up the guy fucking my mouth started to face fuck me harder and harder. I felt like my skull was going to collapse, he was fucking my mouth so hard! He erupted a few seconds after Master did. My mouth was so full of cum I could hardly breathe. One of the two took my gag out and told me to swallow the cum and I happily complied. I sat there in shock wondering who’s cum I just ingested.
As soon as the cum was down my throat my blindfold was ripped off. As I squinted and adjusted to the bright lights I saw Master, looking as sexy as I remembered and another guy. Master had his arm over the other guys shoulders. Master said he wanted me to meet his partner. I was excited and disappointed at the same time. Secretly I wanted to be Masters only fuck hole companion. But having two guys use me was hot too. I looked over Master’s partner. He was sexy as hell. Almost as hot as Master was but in another way. He was a bit thinner, more twink like... but not too thin. His cock was pretty damn big too. Hard it had to be 8-9 inches and about 6 around. Uncut and beautiful. As it started to soften the foreskin covered the head. I wanted him to use my ass and mouth just like Master had. 
Master then told me what was going to happen. He and his partner were going to use me all weekend long. He wanted to test me out last weekend to see if I was good enough to be a full time live-in slave for both of them, to be used by them together and separately. He told me they were both tops and this was the best way for them to find release, by fucking the shit out of a poor tied up boy, such as myself.
I sat there trying to absorb all of this detail, while absorbing the cum in my ass and mouth. I got really excited at the thought of having this hot bondage style sex all the time. I decided I was going to do any and everything they wanted me to. I wanted to be their new boy! 
Master was pleased with my reaction and placed the blindfold back on me, followed by the ball gag and butt plug. They left me in the dark and went about their business. 
I sat there in the dark and fell asleep. I was woken up by the sound of the light switch turning on. I was nervous as to what they would do to me next. It was Masters partner and he removed my blindfold. He was a little more nice and personable than Master was. Even though he was nice he was still dominant and let me know I would be his bitch. His cock sprang to life pretty quickly and he cock slapped me a few times. I really liked this for some reason. He removed my gag and fucked my mouth a bit and then walked around me, popped the buttplug out and rammed his cock in my ass quickly. I let out a yelp. He slapped my ass and told me if I could take his BF’s cock I could take his easily. I guess thats true.... he plowed my ass pretty good. Even though his cock wasn’t as big as Master’s it was still pretty damn big. He fucked me good for about 10 minutes before erupting in my ass. He replaced the plug and walked over to the toy collection and grabbed a gag with a funnel attached. He told me that this was what he enjoyed doing to slaves. He let me know Master was not into this but he was. I tried to figure out what he was talking about. What was this funnel for? Why was it attached to a gag? The gag was comfortable. It was really stuck in my mouth, it was strapped on pretty tight too. Then came a strap around my forehead, it stabilized the funnel.
Next thing I know he blindfolds me. I hear the sound of him taking a leak and all of a sudden I feel a warm liquid in my mouth. HE IS PISSING IN THE FUNNEL AND ITS IN MY MOUTH!!!!! FUCK!!!! GROSS!!!!!! At this point I’m in full panic mode. No way am I drinking this piss! He notices it backing up in the funnel and slaps me in the face and tells me to drink up. I had no choice. It was either down my throat or it was just going to sit there. I gulped it as quickly as I could and tried not to taste it. After it was all over he left. 
It wasn’t as bad as I had expected.... It certainly wasn’t fun but it really wasn’t as bad as I’d expected. I sat there thinking what else can they do? What else is there? How many damn kinks are there? I just sat there wondering. 
Master and his BF came back in and took my funnel gag off and asked me what I thought about it. I told them the truth, I wasn’t fond of it but if it made them happy I’d learn to deal with it. This answer pleased them both. Then they told me they were going to head out for a bit, but not before placing me in some uncomfortable position... of fucking course... 
Master walked behind me and I could feel a dildo being inserted into my ass. It was HUGE. It had to be bigger than his cock. Right as I was thinking this Master told me it was a replica of his cock: a life sized dildo. He then told me it was attached to a fuck machine and it was going to fuck me while they were gone. In a sense he would be fucking me even while not there. He flipped a switch on the machine and it came to life. My ass was being used by a machine! I quickly adjusted to this new intrusion. Next they were deciding on how to keep my mouth occupied. I figured the would just put the gag back in. Nope... Master’s bf walked over to a closet and pulled out some electrical box and set it in front of me. As he set it up I could see it was another fuck machine. What was he going to do with it? I was already being fucked! He popped out a dildo and told me it was his replica dildo. I looked it over and agreed, it looked just like a copy of his dick. He then told me to open my mouth and stuck it in. He then hooked it to the machine and it started to fuck my mouth! My head was strapped down so I had no choice than to start sucking off his dildo clone. He told me to get some practice as they would not help me with gags much longer. I would have to learn to suck monster cocks without teeth scraping. So I sat there sucking this cock and getting reamed from behind while they laughed and left. 
It must have been an hour or so before they returned. My ass as so sore! Master had set it to varying speeds. It would go slow then SUPER FAST and everything in between. My jaw ached from its constant intrusion. They shut the operation down and unhooked me from the bench. It felt weird to be standing like a regular person. That didn’t last very long... 
I was led to the living room and told to get down on all fours. I happily complied with this command. Master’s bf came behind me and grabbed my balls and pulled them back and clamped this wooden device behind me that grabbed my balls and held them back behind me. He then told me it was called the Humbler. It basically held my balls in a vice behind me and if I tried to stand my balls would not come with me but be held behind me. He told me to try and stand. I tried and it fucking HURT my tender nuts. I was stuck on all fours... like a damn dog. I couldn’t stand or even try to get up. They seemed pleased with my predicament. Master’s bf gave my nuts a little slap and my caged cock an even harder slap. They then turned on the TV and started to enjoy some program. I just sat there realizing I was their bitch. I was to sit there for their pleasure. We watched a few hours of TV before I was told to crawl to the playroom. It took me about 10 minutes to make it there. Master’s bf didn’t like how long it took and decided to take a paddle to my ass to show his displeasure. 
I yelped as he beat my ass red. Each jolt made me try to escape and I couldn’t. Every time I tried I would just pull on my already stretched out nut sack. After my relentless ass whooping he removed the humbler and told me to get on the fuck bench. I was tied down and fucked by both of them. They took turns on my mouth and ass. Thankfully they took the time to clean their cocks so they wouldn’t do me ass-to-mouth. They said they didn’t like scat play (thank God). My mouth and ass were stretched to their limits again. This time they took easily an hour working me over. When they were finally done filling me with their man seed they untied me and allowed me to sleep at the foot of their bed. 
I fell fast asleep, being plenty worn out by the days events. I was awoken by Master and was told to put on a jockstrap that he had in his hand and to go make breakfast.... for eight people and one slave (me). My guts immediately tensed up. Who was coming and would they see me? Would they be fucking me? SHIT! 
Master saw the look of fear and confusion in my eyes. He did not like the delay from his order to my action.... he gave my caged cock a little slap and shot me a dirty look. I quickly made way to the lavish kitchen and started to cook. I do think I’m a pretty fair cook.... I made quite the feast. Master and his bf came out well dressed, casual but very nice looking. They both seemed pleased with the breakfast I made.
The door bell rang and they both looked at me and I knew they wanted me to answer the door.... in this jockstrap... I swallowed hard and scurried to the door, wondering who was on the other side. 
I slowly opened the door, while praying no one I knew was on the other side. I slowly looked up and saw a very hot couple. They were both in their late twenties. One was a cute white guy, about six foot two, two hundred pounds, military haircut and beautiful blue eyes. His companion was a very hot latino, about five foot seven with the most beautiful brown eyes.... I was transfixed on his gorgeous face. I invited them both in and showed them to the dining room. The taller one slapped my ass really hard as I was walking in front of them. His BF slapped his arm but he just laughed at what he had done to me. It stung really bad but it made me want them even more.  
It appeared I was going to be the (semi) nude houseboy..... shit.... it made me excited yet very nervous... The bell rang again and I went to answer it. Another very hot couple was at the door and I again showed them in and to the dining room. Again the bell rang and I made my way back to the door to usher in the last guests. I opened the door and looked up... SHIT! It was a fuck buddy of mine and his BF (his BF didn’t know about it). I immediately turned beet red and put my head down and showed them to the table. 
I was so embarrassed that someone I knew had seen me... and someone I used to top, frequently. I was thankful that his BF did not know we had ben fucking, otherwise I’m sure he would have been laughing his ass off.  I went back into the kitchen and brought out the food. All of the guest commented on my predicament and teased me any chance they got. They all seemed to slap me on the ass or snap my jockstrap any chance they got. This embarrassed me to no end.... I was then told to go eat in the kitchen, as the help was not to be at the table unless bringing food. I sat in the kitchen wondering what was to come next. Damn I do make a good breakfast though. 
 All of the guest finished up brunch and I was summoned to clear the dishes. I did so quickly, even though I was spanked and kept getting my jockstrap snapped to their enjoyment and laughter... I loaded up the dishwasher as the guest and host headed to the living room. I was told to go to the playroom and clean up. I did as ordered. 
In the playroom I grabbed a rag and started to clean everything, taking time to study everything in there. I was mystified at everything in there. Still, even after all of my research on this “lifestyle” I couldn’t figure out what a lot of this stuff was for. I cleaned the entire room and all of the toys and such when Master came in. He told me all the guest had left and it was time to clean me out and get ready for the day. I scurried to the cleaning room and was washed inside and out. I think my cock had finally realized it wasn’t going to be released anytime soon, I had not gotten an attempted boner yet today.
After my through cleaning Master told me to follow him to his bedroom to get dressed. Again he had laid out the skimpiest running shorts I had ever seen. If they were an inch shorter I was sure I’d be arrested in public. Next to it was a shirt that barely covered my stomach when I put it on. Under the shirt was a big butt plug. Master yanked down my shorts and spit on the butt plug then started slowly working it into my ass. Right when it was about to pop in he jammed it in roughly, making me jump and scream. He slapped my ass for screaming. I pulled my new shorts up and followed them out to the truck. I got in the back and we headed out to where ever they were taking me. 
The truck ride was both miserable and amazingly pleasurable. Every bump we hit made the roughly inserted butt plug hurt me and made horny at the same time. It felt like my ass was ripping wide open and like the most wonderful cock was in my ass. After the 45 minute car ride we made it to our destination, in downtown. SHIT! Would anyone see me? Where were we going?
We walked into a store called “Branders”. It was a sex toy and “adult novelty” store. My cock instantly attempted to spring to life. Master noticed the jolt in my tight shorty shorts and slapped my cock cage making me jolt and tense up on the but plug in my ass. As we walked in toward the counter the clerk seemed to know Master and his bf. They struck up a casual conversation while the clerk kept giving me “the eye”. 
Master walked around with his BF as I followed behind them. They picked up quite a few things and talked about what they could do to me with them. They also picked out  some leather goods for me. I wasn’t quite sure what they were for but I figured I’d find out soon. As they went to the register the clerk said he’d give them a discount if he could give their slave a little ass whoopin. My eyes immediately bugged out and my hole clenched. Master excitedly agreed. The clerk came out from behind the counter and led me to this big wooden “X” and promptly tied my ankles and wrist to each end of the X. He grabbed a leather paddle and whaled on my ass. With each beating the plug hurt more and more, seeming to stretch my hole to it’s max. My legs started to shake, both from the pain and some in the anticipation of the continued beatings. 
He must have slapped my ass twenty times before he was done. My ass felt like it was 200 degrees. It burned so bad but felt so good. The clerk gave Master a 20% discount. He said it was 1% for each beating he gave me. As we got back in the truck my ass BURNED while sitting down. I tried to hold myself up above the seat to minimize the pain but I finally gave in and sat down. The ride back to Masters house seemed to last hours.... When we finally got home it was starting to get dark. This meant the weekend would be coming to an end soon. This made me a bit happy but really sad at the same time. 
We all walked into the house and master told me to go straight to the play room. I complied and went in and waited for him. Master and his bf came in and told me to bend over. Master yanked the plug from my ass and told me to get on my knees and open my mouth. I happily complied with the order and they both took turns face fucking me. I gagged repeatedly but they didn’t care they laughed and kept fucking my mouth. They told me to get up and head to the bedroom. We walked into the bedroom and they both laid on the bed. Master told me to sit on his cock and and ride him. He lubed it up and guided me on to it. It was getting easier to take his massive cock, although it still hurt at first. I rode it for about five minutes before his bf got up and came behind me. I wondered what he was doing but then I felt him push my back so I was chest to chest on top of Master. I was now face to face with master, with his cock still inside of me. I felt something touching my ass and start to push on it.... what the fuck was happening? Then I felt the most excruciating pain ever! Master’s bf was sticking his cock in my ass! With Masters cock already in there! 
I was in shock. Master’s cock was HUGE by itself... Master’s bf’s cock was pretty damn big by itself. I was being double fucked by two big ass cocks. My hole had never been this stretched before. I was in so much pain I thought I was going to pass out. After a few minutes they both began fucking my ass really hard. I was about to pass out as they both reamed my ass at the same time. I have no idea how it worked but both cocks were balls deep inside of me. They continued to fuck me for about three minutes when I had the biggest, most powerful orgasm I had ever had in my life! My cock was still caged up but somehow with all the reaming my ass was taking it couldn’t hold back. I was in ecstasy. They fucked me for another few minutes before both cumming in my ass at the same time. We all collapsed in exhaustion. After about fifteen minutes Master got up and told me it was time for me to head home.
I got up, walking slightly crooked from my recent and first double fucking.... Master handed me my bag of clothes and he held a key. He gave me two options. I could have the chastity device taken off and I could leave and be done or keep the chastity device on and come back next weekend for even more fun. How could there be anymore than what just happened?! I was just DOUBLE FUCKED!!! What else was there? Triple fucking? How could that even happen? I didn’t even have to think! I just said “what time do you want me back next Saturday?” He said the same time again. 
I put on the jockstrap I came with and realized I was still covered in my own cum and had a gaping and leaking ass full of cum. My cock instantly tried to spring to life.... I put on my jeans and shirt and headed home, still sticky with cum. As I drove home I could feel my gaping ass with cum still inside. It was so hot to have the cum of two fucking amazingly hot guys still inside of me. I felt kind of empty though... I was going to have to wait 5 more days before I could get fucked again... 
It’s gonna be a long week.....
To be continued... 

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  1. The story is shaping up really well. I look forward to the next installment.