Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ch 4

As I drove home, soaked and dripping cum I couldn't help but ponder the future. Was I making the right decision? Of course I was! This was the most fulfilled I have ever felt in life. I had never had sex this great before. I never thought I would be one of those “leather guys” all the gay stereotypes hold.

As I got home the smell of dried jizz all over me was making me horny but this damn chastity device was not going to let me take care of it. So shower, computer and bed time it is I guess.

When I woke up the next morning my cock was straining the limits of the chastity device as it was trying it’s old “morning wood” routine. I got up and took a piss and laid back in bed and googled “polyamorous relationships” to see how this was all going to work out. Not that polyamorous relationships are all that common and I’m sure this was even less common. I read a lot on the successful and not so successful poly relationships I found. I even found a few poly-kink related things and read up on them. This new life is exciting but the unknown is a bit scary. O’well off to work....

The week went by pretty quickly. I put in the required 30-day notice to leave my apartment, started to go through all of my stuff. What would I really need to take? Other than my computer, clothes and personal paperwork and such? I’ll have to ask Master this weekend. God I’m horny.

Thursday evening approached and I received an email from Master:


you are moving in this weekend. Pack all of your shit that you will need. You won’t be paying rent here so fuck what ever you are paying to finish out the time you have there. Bring all of your clothes, computer, work equipment, necessary documents like birth certificate and passport etc. you will need nothing besides this. We will have time to finish cleaning out your old apartment and get rid of the rest of the shit. Pack the shit you are brining and be here tomorrow evening like usual. We have a big surprise planned.

As Friday approached I was getting really excited and REALLY HORNY. I wondered that this weekend’s sex adventures would hold. What kind of surprise? Hmm... I’ll work on packing and get everything ready. Hmm... no rent? They must be wealthy.... Shit, I forgot to even ask what they did. They have a really nice house and seem very comfortable... I wonder... I’ll ask this weekend.

As I got off work Friday evening I ran home and packed up what I was taking with me in the car. As I looked at all of it I was a little taken aback. Everything I own that I will have that will be mine is in this car. I won’t have my own furniture. I won’t have my own TV. I won’t have anything besides my clothes, computer and important documents. I was having second thoughts and a bit of anxiety... but my cock was reassuring my decision. He said LET’S GO!!!!! So with that I put the car in reverse and headed to my new home.
This time I wouldn’t have to follow the ritual of previous times. Half way there I got a text from Master. He told me that they would both be gone and they left me a key under the mat and go in and unpack in my new room and enjoy the cookies and milk they had left for me. I was excited and worried as to what this “room” would be like.

As I pulled up to my new home I felt a little anxious and excited. It took me only three trips to unload all of my personal belongings. Only three trips from the car to unload my entire life. Was I really ready for this? I hope so....

After I unloaded everything I was a bit hungry so I went to the kitchen to enjoy some cookies and milk. The cookies were amazing and the milk washed them down perfectly. The milk tasted a tad funny... not like it was spoiled... hmm.. must be a different brand or something... Oh well, the cookies and milk were tasty and I’m feeling a bit tired... I think I’ll lay down on the couch for a bit...

The next thing I knew I was tied down, blind folded, had large ear muffs on that blocked out any and all sound. I think I’m on the fuck bench.... Feels like I’m wearing a jock strap.... How the hell did I get here? Last thing I knew I was enjoying some cookies and milk and felt a little woozy and tired... SHIT!!!! THEY FUCKING DRUGGED ME!!!!! Those mother fuckers! Why would they drug me? They could have just told me to get on the damn fuck bench like they usually do.... why the drugging? What the heck did they use to drug me??? I’m feeling a bit angry and used. This is wrong but it feels a bit sexy to be drugged and propped up like this.

I am sitting there for what felt about ten minutes, just letting my mind wander. I feel a hand remove my ear muffs and I hear music, people, voices, a lot of voices, people eating, drinking, and porn in the background. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?! Right then Master whispered in my ear “this is your housewarming party, hope you enjoy”. He yanked my blindfold off and I saw dozens of people and I was on display in the middle of the damn room! I was on the fuck horse, strapped down, gagged, unconscious and in a room full of people fondling me and looking at me! I had never felt so violated in my life. I must have turned as red as a fire truck.

Everyone that was there was really hot. Young professionals. Some were wearing leather, some were in street clothes, and a few were naked. What the hell was going on? Right then Master was standing right next to me and was getting everyones attention.

As soon as everyone was staring at me and listening to Master I learned of my predicament. This was a party to welcome me to the home and meet all of their friends. Basically I was the main attraction. I was going to be used by anyone and everyone that wanted to use me. There was a gallon sized container of lube I could see out of the corner of my eye. But there were no condoms.... Oh SHIT. I don’t want to get HIV or herpes! My eyes started bugging and Master could see something was wrong. He took out my gag and whispered in my ear to see what was wrong. I explained my fear of HIV/STD’s and he quietly giggled. He told me that both he and Master X were both doctors and most of the guest were as well, or they knew very well. Everyone that was there was tested prior to large sex parties like this. Whew! That made me a lot more comfortable and also answered my question... what they did for a living. Doctors... hot...

So everyone was still staring and Master addressed them all and basically announced I was the new house bottom bitch and to serve them all sexually tonight. He asked me if I wanted to do it or get up and leave. I said, without losing a beat “USE ME!”. The crowd of two to three dozen people erupted in cheers and laughter. Master then yanked the butt plug out and announced open season on me.

I started to panic a bit but I was so turned on that it didn’t matter. Before I realized it I had a crowd of a dozen guys around me and one was at my asscunt. I could feel him slap my ass really hard as I let out a yelp and he rammed his cock up my asscunt forcefully yet not too painfully. Then a cock entered my mouth and I sucked it like I was trying to get a baseball through a garden hose. The guy fucking me lasted for about eight minutes and by then I had already taken two loads in the face. Seems they want to all give me a facial and let me be the cum soaked slut.

After I took my first load a REALLY hot guy walked up. He was one of the most beautiful guys I had ever seen. He looked like he came out of a firefighters calendar. Super well defined, just an amazing jock body. Face that didn’t look older than 22. Then I looked down at his cock. It was rock hard and dripping pre-cum. It was uncut and had to be at least 11” and about as thick around as my arm. How could a guy be this hot and this hung?! He called dibs on my ass next, like it was the damn front seat of a fucking car. I was scared. He was humongous. Even bigger than Master. His BF was right next to him and was damn near as hot as he was. His dick wasn’t as big but damn near, also uncut and beautiful. He walked in front of me as his BF was behind me. I was panicking but about to cum, even with this chastity cage on.

The guy in front of me pulled my face up and cock slapped me a half a dozen times. The pre-cum flung around as he hit my cum soaked face. He made me lick his cock and get the pre-cum and the other loads off before he fucked my mouth. All while this was happening I could feel his BF behind me slathering lube on his fist sized cock. He was grabbing my ass and taking his time while I was starting to get throat fucked. The guy behind me started to stick his cock up my asscunt. It hurt so good. It felt like a minute before it was all the way in and I could feel his balls press against my ass. Finally... it felt like it was going to go on for hours getting all the way in. He slowly went back and forth getting me adjusted. He said “are you ready?” I sat there thinking why are you asking me? Right then his BF said “yupp!” and before I realized it they were fucking me from both ends, in unison. They were in sync and fucking me as hard as I had ever been fucked. They grabbed each others arms for leverage and pulled each other in for more power. They would grab any part of me to use as leverage. They lasted for about ten minutes. The guy fucking my asscunt walked around to my face and they both shot massive loads all over my face.

I was dripping sweat and feeling really horny and really used. Even though this was obviously not the end I was already feeling very used. Right then the both of them kneeled down and one was on each side of my cum soaked face. Before I realized what was going on someone snapped a picture of them posing with my cum soaked face! I wanted to scream at them but there was already another cock in my mouth and another one in my ass.

Throughout the night I was the center of many a photograph and video. I figured why the fuck not... Too late now. Might as well go along with it, as embarrassing as it was and could be if the pix got out. Hopefully everyone that had them would be respectful...

Throughout the night I took 18 loads in my ass and 41 in the face. I could literally feel cum dripping out of my skanky-lose hole. There was cum dripping down each of my legs and onto the ground. I could feel cum in my ass too... There was a pool of cum under my head that dripped off my face and onto the floor. I was soaked in sweat and cum. I had not cum yet and I was dying to. The party went on for hours. It must have been four in the morning before the party was winding down and people started to leave. I was still there soaked and horny. As Master and Master X said good bye to everyone I just stayed there.

Master and Master X walked over and stuck a plug in my ass and then said goodnight to me and turned off the lights. There I sat in the dark, strapped down to a fuck horse, soaked in cum as well as filled with cum. I had never been so happy or felt as fulfilled before in life. I was a cum loving slut whore.

I woke when Master and Master X entered the room. I was glad to be getting off this damn thing and cleaned up. At least thats what I thought was going to happen. They both gave each other that look and walked over and Master yanked the plug from my ass and replaced it with his cock. Right then Master X stuck his cock in my mouth-hole and they pumped away filling me each with two loads each.

After being used again I was finally set free. I was barely able to move. My muscles were so atrophied from non-movement and all the use and abuse I suffered (and loved).  I hobbled off to the cleaning room. A shower had never felt so good. The hot water felt amazing. I must have spent thirty minutes cleaning in and out.

I came out of the showering room and found Master and Master X to be in the living room. They were both clean and fully clothed. I was standing there naked, except my collar. It felt really odd to be so venerable and less than them because I was naked. I felt powerless. It was sexy.

They told me to sit down so we could discuss everything that happened and hash out any details that may need to be. They asked me what I thought about the drugging. They admitted they felt slightly bad about it but since they were both medical professionals it was completely safe. I did feel a bit better knowing they were doctors and all. I felt a little less violated.
We all agreed that my new life would be starting now. My room was furnished with everything I could ask for, a flatscreen TV, computer, nice bed, basically anything I’d want. They told me I could sleep in there and it was mine when they were not using me or told me to be anywhere else. All I had to do was follow the rules and everything would work out fine.

My new life.... a new, exciting, and scary new life... My life as a slave... as a house bitch.... as the house fuck-hole.

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